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If you have a stone countertop in your home you’ve made an excellent choice. Stone is beautiful, extremely long lasting, and adds a great presence to any room. Stone countertops come in many different materials including granite, quartz, marble, and dozens of other stones. When you install a stone countertop in your home it can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. That is where Eco Stone Care comes in.

Why do Stone Countertops Need to be Refinished?

Most countertops, particular kitchen counters, receive significant daily use. Stone is an extremely hard surface, but it’s not impervious to damage. One of the best characteristics of stone is its ability to be maintained, repaired, and refinished to like-new condition. Everyday use slowly deteriorates the very outer surface of the stone. Cooking, knives, writing on paper, car keys, and metal objects all scratch and etch the surface of the stone. Everyday cooking items like lemon juice, orange juice (most acidic liquids), oils such as vegetable oil, olive oil, and butter all deteriorate the calcium carbonate in the stone to etch and stain the counter. Stones like marble, slate, limestone, or any kind of soft stone is particularly susceptible to damage. Even leaving a wet glass of water on a stone counter overnight can leave a mark. Liquid, dirt, and other debris can penetrate the stone’s pores and cause discoloration and staining. When you have a beautiful stone counter, the last thing anybody wants is to see imperfections.

Eco Stone Care Makes Stone Counters Like New

We clean, grind, polish, and seal your stone counters to make them like new. Using diamond pads to grind the stone surface, we reduce the size of the pores in the stone. As the diamond grinding reduces the size of the pores, the stone takes on a mirror like finish. Reducing the size of the pores also prevents, dirt, oil, liquid, and debris from entering and causing stains and discoloration. To eradicate damage in the surface of the counter, we grind an extremely thin layer of stone off the top of the counter. We remove approximately 1/64th of an inch to pass the damaged surface area, then polish with diamond pads, and lastly treat the counter with a stone sealer.

The sealing process is extremely important because it protects the stone from dirt, debris, and oils. Without the sealer the stone would quickly become soiled and damaged again. This is a time consuming process, but the results are well worth it, and your stone countertop will be rejuvenated and like new again!

Contact us to for more information about maintaining your stone countertop or to request a quote. We’re a trusted stone care professional and all of our services are guaranteed. Our service area expands throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.