We Specialize in Stone Slab, Tile and Grout Restoration.

Stone restoration is the art and science of bringing natural stone floors and surfaces back to their original beauty.

Stone Slab Restoration

Tile and Grout Sealing

Natural stone surfaces are porous and can lose their luster and value due to damage resulting from traffic, spills, acidic cleaners and everyday wear and tear.

Eco Stone Care can restore your stone back to its original beauty using one or more of the following methods:

  • Polishing: Light surface scratches and some mild etching can be polished out using different polishing compounds and polishing pads.
  • Diamond Grinding: We use a diamond grinding process to achieve the desired finish, including a high gloss finish. (no waxes or surface coatings.)
  • Uneven Floor Tiles: Eco Stone Care will level uneven floor tiles (Lippage) using hard diamond pads.
  • Stain Removal: We can remove almost any kind of stain on porous natural surfaces using the right poultice materials.
  • Tile Repair: Cracks and chip repairs on marble, granite and natural stone can be achieved using polyester resins and diamond pads.
  • Tile and Grout Sealing: New tiles or tiles and grout freshly cleaned require protection with a very good sealer. Grout sealing is a must to keep your grout free of dirt and protect it from discoloration.
  • Tile Cleaning: We clean ceramic tile and porcelain tiles, as well as pavers and stone. We use liquid poultice and high pressure dry steam vapor to make your tiles and grout look like new again.
  • Grout Staining: After a few years, grout can be rejuvenated by the use of an epoxy stain especially made for grout. Using grout stain will give you a beautiful new look to your floor.
  • Stone Enhancing: New stone enhancers have been recently introduced into the industry. Their application (especially on limestone) brings new life to the stone.
  • Saltillo Pavers Stripping: Neglected Saltillo pavers require the removal of their coatings. We will remove the wax and acrylic sealers and re-coat their surfaces so they look just like they did when you first installed them.