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Marble is one of the most stylish types of stone use on floors, countertops, shower walls, and fixtures in a home.

Marble is often chosen for its wide variation in color and veining. Marble is very porous, and is a relatively soft stone compared to Granite, and like all natural stones Marble is susceptible to cracking, etching, and dulling. Because Marble is a popular natural stone choice we receive many requests for Marble Care in Santa Barbara.

We recommend periodic polishing of your marble stone to maintain a glossy, vibrant, and smooth appearance. We use polishing compounds and polishing pads to keep your Marble floor free of etches and surface scratches. The polishing compound reacts with the Marble to restore glossiness to the stone.

What is a Diamond Pad?

Diamond pads are made of diamond dust embedded in a special hard resin. We always start with a coarse grid pad and follow with finer and finer grid pads. Each pass reduces the size of the tiny holes in the stone until the holes become so small that they cannot be perceived by the naked eye and the surface reaches a mirror look. Diamond based materials are frequently used in many stone care processes because Diamond is naturally the hardest substance on earth. This allows Diamond to scratch, sand, and cut relatively softer stones like Granite, Travertine, Slate, and Marble.

Diamond Grinding Process:

Here is a classic example of the treatment of a damaged marble floor:

  • Determine the first diamond pad to be used according to the depth of the damaged area.
  • Usually we start grinding the floors with 50 or 80 grid pads to eliminate the deepest scratches or stains.
  • After that, we follow-up with 120, 220, 400, 800, 1,500 grid pads.
  • And finally, we treat with a polishing compound.

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