Travertine Floor Maintenance

by Pierre Hannon Owner/operator

Clean the floors with a neutral stone cleaner diluted in water.

We always recommend to apply Liquid Poultice with a mop or a sponge on the whole surface. Let it sit on the tiles and grout for a few minutes before scrubbing with a floor machine or a bristle brush. Usually the grout needs to be aggressively scrubbed because that is where the dirt accumulates the most.

Repeat the scrubbing operation two or three times if necessary.

Sometimes, we need to finish the cleaning process with a hot steam machine to remove the dirt accumulated in the holes of the material when the tiles are unfilled.

If the floor or the grout is still showing some stains, we will apply a poultice paste for 24 hours. If the tiles have been scratched or damaged by heavy impacts, we recommend that you call a stone professional that will repair first the bad spots with colored epoxy resin and then grind, hone and polished the stone.

Before applying a good Impregnator sealer it is recommended to let the surfaces dry completely. We use high quality water based sealer or silicone based sealer.